Jonathan Bates, contributing author of “Paradise Lot: Two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre, and the making of an edible garden oasis in the city,” speaks about his 10-year-old edible forest garden in Holyoke, MA.

101 E. Green St., Ithaca, New York 14850
6:00pm until 8:00pm
By using the principles of permaculture design, Jonathan and co-author Eric Toensmeier created a thriving edible ecosystem from a blighted dead landscape. Enjoy learning about our delicious uncommon fruit and perennial vegetables, a year-round food bioshelter greenhouse, raising micro-livestock like black soldier flies and aquaponic fish, using microclimates for growing figs and kiwis, starting a successful backyard plant nursery (, and enjoying the cornucopia with friends and family. Jonathan will present his challenge-to-opportunity story through vibrant pictures and enlightening discussion.

Signed books will be available for purchase. (In the meantime, Home Green Home has copies if you’d like to read “Paradise Lot” before Jonathan’s talk.)

This event is free.

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