Our annual Permaculture Weekend takes place

the 4th weekend of August!
See our 2019 sites and events!

Learn permaculture from people who are doing it in our bioregion! 

Whether you are wondering what permaculture is, or want to learn some advanced permacultural applications… whether you want to see off-grid homesteads, urban permaculture, broadscale regenerative farming,  or spend time with your family in a children’s garden, this weekend offers something for everyone!

Inspired by the “campesino a campesino” movement in Central America, the Weekend is designed to maximize learning exchanges on working permaculture sites–through tours, hands-on skills, and sharing knowledge. And it’s an amazing way to cross-pollinate with regeneratively-minded folks from the Finger Lakes region and beyond!

In 2019, the Permaculture Weekend featured…

Permaculture Sites


Days of Events


Site Tours


Friday World Cafe

The Edge is Where It’s At!

How It Works Each Year

Make Your Plan

See what’s happening, when, & where, so you can plan an inspiring weekend that suits your interests.

Look at the main schedule and figure out your own route, or use the new tour software that will suggest itineraries based on themes.

 Register! (It’s Required)

Spaces for each tour or workshop are limited, because site hosts need to know who’s coming!

Please register for any events you plan to attend. The new software makes it easy to register for all events at once.

Donate If You Can

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute and the Permaculture Weekend is completely volunteer-run, and your donations make this event possible!

But, if you need a “scholarship” to attend, indicate that during the checkout process

See the 2019 info that folks used to design their weekend:

or, read more about the weekend below…

The 2019 Theme: The Edge is Where It's At!

For this year, we celebrated the bounty that is possible in the "in-between" spaces!" In nature, "ecotones" are places where two different ecosystems meet, and the overlap leads to greater species richness. In ecological design, we aim to "maximize edge" in order to create diverse, interconnected systems that meet human needs while regenerating the ecosystems in which we are embedded. Likewise, in human systems, diversity of all kinds is also a source of richness. In 2019, we invited folks to explore together how we can "work our edges" to co-create beneficial relationships with the land and in our communities.
Be a great guest

Most events are always full to capacity. Please cancel your registration no less than 48 hours in advance to allow us to notify people on the waiting list.

Please be parked, watered, and present at the starting time for each event.

Please supervise children at all times and leave your pets at home.

Many sites will be selling their wares, or are whipping up delicious lunches. Please bring cash for those purposes.
Carpool: Less pollution, more fun!

After you plan your route, reach out to connect with others on our Facebook Event page. 

Friday World Cafe

Based on your feedback, our two main goals for the evening gathering were: to support you to network with each other, and to provide the chance to have conversations about vital issues for our region.

A World Cafe enables you to get to know each other in an informal but impactful way.  At tables (like at a cafe), we had meaningful conversations around questions that matter.  We also cycled around to other tables, thus creating a larger network of living conversations, sharing our collective knowledge.

The overarching theme for 2019:

How can we work together for a “just transitionaway from the extractive economy that is degenerating our ecosystems and communites and towards an economy in which all can thrive?

This event took place Friday evening, Aug 23, facilitated by Karryn Olson.

From 6-7 pm, Weekend participants and the wider public met other awesome, regeneratively-minded folks, toured the Ithaca Generator space, and bought great stuff from local merchants in Press Bay Alley.

The World Cafe was also hosted in the Ithaca Generator space, from 7-9pm. It was a great event. More info to come!


Make Your Contribution


There are always lots of ways to help out before, during and after the event!

Some examples: Help with outreach and last-minute organizing details. Set up our Friday evening event. Be an on-site greeter on the day of the site’s tour/workshop. Photograph events. Get in on planning for next year!

Indicate on this form that you want to help out next year. We start organizing in January!

Additional Support

The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute is a 100% volunteer board, and this weekend is our only fundraising event. 

If you would like to help us nurture regenerative practices on our region, we are grateful for additional donations, which you can make here.  And since we are a 501c3, your gift is tax-deductible!

Thank you!

Thanks to Cayuta Sun Farm, a co-sponsor of the 2019 event!



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