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Workshops, skill-shares, seminars, potlucks, email lists, websites, book clubs, parties, conferences, planning, practice and praxis are all found in the Finger Lakes area permaculture scene. 

FLXpermaculture.Net is a great resource for permaculture practitioners and students to connect through.

In 2015, FLPCI will sponsor a Permaculture Tour as a great way to visit sites on August 22nd and the upcoming Regional Convergence will bring together local practitioners on August 23rd.

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In upstate New York, permaculture activists and their activities are found on UpstateNYpermaculture.Net.

Regionally, permaculture resources are found at the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast.

The Permaculture Activist magazine and website is a good portal into the North American and international scene. 

Finger Lakes Permaculture Network