Permaculture Weekend 2018: Save the Dates!

Mark your calendars…

set your sundials…

Friday, August 24 through

Sunday August 26.


With your feedback from last year’s Permaculture Weekend, we’re endeavoring to make 2018’s event the best one yet. 

In the spirit of the grassroots Central American “farmer-to-farmer” movements (with which Rebecca Cutter, the Weekend’s key organizer has worked) the format for this year’s event will emphasize learning through action and sharing. Tour sites and events are highlighting concrete examples of regenerative practices. We are forgoing the Sunday Convergence format in order to offer a second day of tours and opportunities for hands-on workshops. We have 8 sites registered so far offering a hands-on workshop, work party, or “permablitz” in addition to their standard tour, 

Look for an improved Tour Weekend Map and organized carpooling once a final list of sites is complete.

Were you inspired by previous Permaculture Weekends? Would you like to volunteer with us? We’d love to hear from you! Help make this year’s event extra awesome: Fill out the form in the right margin of this page.