Seeking Volunteer Advisors


Dear Friends and Alumni of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute,

We invite you to grow the regional permaculture movement with us.

During the past twelve years we have accomplished FLPCI’s mission through thirteen 15-day Permaculture Design Certificate (PDCs) courses with hundreds of graduates, six 36-hour Community Trainings in Ecological Design courses (CTEDs), four successful Permaculture Weekends and dozens of workshops reaching thousands of people.

In 2018, FLPCI became a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. This is a critical moment and an opportunity for FLPCI alumni,  collaborators, and surrounding Finger Lakes communities to direct our organizational compass.

Help us in any of these ways:

  1. Nominate yourself or another person to shape and join an Advisory Council of Elders to guide our work.
  2. Become a volunteer co-organizer for the annual Finger Lakes Permaculture Weekend.
  3. Share with us your vision of how permaculture can build equitable, regenerative cultures in the Finger Lakes Bioregion.

Council of Elders

Recognizing that modern culture often fails to honor, respect,  or seek wisdom from Elders, FLPCI’s board strives to form a group of guides who share FLPCI’s vision. This Council of Elders would hold FLPCI and its programs accountable to the vision of creating equitable and regenerative cultures, and provide insight from many years of lived experience. Elders would convene with the board periodically to give direction to the Permaculture movement but will decide on the nature and frequency of their input. To nominate yourself or another person for a position as an Elder, please email us:


FLPCI is always open to new volunteers, and planning for the annual Finger Lakes Permaculture Weekend has begun! If you are interested in joining us to co-organize 2018’s event, please email us: 


            Karryn Olson Ramanujan, Rebecca Cutter, Aaron Fernando, Sylvia Este, Estelle Waterman, Denise Grant, Bari Zeiger, Bonnie Gale & Peter Cramer