Finger Lakes Permaculture Education in 2015

For the last ten years, the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute has focused much of its organizing capacity on offering a high quality Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC).

In 2015, we are taking a break from this pattern to offer more accessible, advanced and introductory courses for gardeners, farmers, extension educators, and landowners throughout the Northeast and beyond.

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Water as a resource in the landscape

An Advanced Permaculture Training

May 2, 2015

Wellspring Forest Farm, Mecklenburg NY

with Steve & Elizabeth Gabriel

Learn how to see water as a valuable asset to small and large landscapes by observing the design and implementation of water harvesting and storage systems at Wellspring Forest Farm including ponds, swales, terraces, rainwater harvested systems (including potable use) and rotational grazing systems. Practice mapping and marking contour and develop an eye for how the parts fit together in a complete picture. Observe excavation, and help finish and plant a three hundred foot swale system and a riparian buffer planting on site.

We have stopped taking registrations.


Reading Your Landscape: Practical Permaculture

An Introductory Permaculture Training

June 12 – 14, 2015

Cayuta Sun Farm, Catharine NY

with Michael BurnsJake Maher Delisle, Steve GabrielBecky Sims and other local practitioners

Two days of instruction and activities teaching students introductory permaculture assessment and design skills. The course is for those who likely do not have a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), have limited time and are looking for an affordable way to learn. Expert and accessible instruction to permaculture ideas and skills are offered at an active permaculture site. Participants will create a base map of their own project or property,  identify and record observations of the landscape, analyze key landscape features, and create a schematic design map to take home.

Sliding scale fee: $250 – 400 includes breakfast, lunch, and camping.

We have stopped taking registrations.


Active Soil Building for Home and Farm

An Advanced Permaculture Training

June 27, 2015

Wellspring Forest Farm, Mecklenburg, NY

with Steve & Elizabeth Gabriel, and Jake Delisle

Learn a whole systems permaculture approach to seeing and working with soils on mid to large sized land, with emphasis on techniques done with simple tools and techniques. See integrated and functional systems in practice on a working farm and homestead including compost, humanure, cover cropping, sheet mulching, animal grazing, and more. Build a vermicompost system to take home, along with knowledge ready to be put into action on a medium to large scale.

Sliding Scale $50 – 75 includes a bucket vermicompost and handouts

REGISTRATION will open February 2015.

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Silvoculture & Agroforestry Short Course

An Advanced Permaculture Training

July 24 – 28, 2015

with Steve Gabriel, Mike Demunn, and guests

Learn forest ecology and management techniques for eastern woodlands from Farming the Woods co-author Steve Gabriel and renowned forester Mike Demunn along with guests for this five-day course. Visit local old growth and heritage forests and farms and practice tree ID, stand assessment, marking, and felling techniques. Learn about forest medicinals, and visit farms practicing silv0pasture and mushroom cultivation.

This course is designed for woodland owners, famers, extension professionals, permaculture practitioners and homesteaders who seek a better understanding of the intricacies of management in northeastern woodlands. Come build your skills in forest mapping, stand assessment, tree selection, and low-impact tree removal.

$450 includes lunch each day, plus $50 for camping (optional)

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Finger Lakes Permaculture Tours and Regional Convergence

August 21 – 23, 2015

This weekend event showcases the beautiful Finger Lakes Region and the burgeoning practice of permaculture evidence in sites, systems, and people who farm, garden, teach, and live there. Come learn about the principles and practices of permaculture and see active sites on a wide range of scales, from urban gardens to large acre farms. Connect and network with others who are interested in living more sustainably, and walk away with ideas for your own property.


8/21     FLPCI Alumni Day and camping (at Cayuta Sun Farm)

8/22     Permaculture Tours (at various sites in the Finger Lakes)

8/23     Finger Lakes Permaculture Convergence (at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County)

More details to be announced.

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Community Training in Ecological Design

September through November, 2015

Schuyler County, NY

with Michael Burns, Steve Gabriel, Karryn Olson Ramanujan and guests

Design your backyard or acreage for the coming season and long term. Grow food, build soil, and manage water in rural and urban landscapes. Meet others and make beneficial connections in your community.

More details to be announced. Email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be notified when registration opens.


Popular Education Tools
for Organizing Community Based Initiatives

December 5 & 6, 2015

Ithaca, NY

with Rebecca Cutter

Learn the theory and practice of popular education as a tool for growing community-based initiatives. This course is designed for practitioners interested in developing a community based initiative, project, program or organization. It also speaks to educators, activist and leaders interested in exploring the theory and practice of Popular Education as a tool and a framework for social change. Learn an introduction to popular education theory and practice from the perspective of the learner. Take away practical tools and framework for designing trainings, conducting community needs assessment or planning initiatives.

More details to be announced. Email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be notified when registration opens.

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