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 The next class begins in January, 2019. Registration is open and limited to 15 participants.

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Permaculture Design:
Ecosystem Mimicry

January – April, 2019

Enrollment is now open for “Permaculture Design: Ecosystem Mimicry.” Cultivate your ecological literacy by looking at complex symbiotic relationships in both natural and constructed systems. Explore and apply systems thinking to your own garden, farm, or backyard.

This course is one of three in a series offered in permaculture design leading to a Permaculture Design Certificate. (Read more about Permaculture Design: Fundamentals of Ecological Design and Permaculture Design: Design Practicum.)

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Finishing the map

Participants make observations on their own projects to learn permaculture design.

This course is designed by Steve Gabriel of “Farming the Woods” with Michael Burns of Cayuta Sun Farm. Both are cofounders of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute. Michael Burns will be the course instructor.

Gabriel & Burns

Steve Gabriel and Michael Burns


This opportunity, organized by Cornell University’s Department of Horticulture, is based on the permaculture curriculum and activities developed by the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute over the past decade of teaching people from all walks of life.

This program provides rigorous, evidence-based instruction in the principles and methods of permaculture design based on the internationally recognized curriculum.

Engage in over 72 hours of study that meets Cornell’s standards for instruction in the best practices of permaculture assessment and design. Work on your own, while participating in class discussions with students from around the world using their own homes, farms, and projects to learn.

You will produce a draft design for your chosen site toward your portfolio requirement for a Permaculture Design Certificate issued by the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute.

Design Example

Learn permaculture while designing your own site.


The full Permaculture Design Certificate curriculum is organized into three courses spanning 17 weeks. The three courses can be spread across several years.  Either this course or “Fundamentals of Ecological Design” are prerequisites for the final course “Design Practicum,” a 3 1/2 week practicum. Completion of all three is required to apply for your certificate.

Sector concept from instructional video.

Instructional videos, readings, online discussions and activities on your own site give you hands-on experience exploring and practicing permaculture design.


With only 15 participants per course, enrollment frequently sells out.

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To request notice of future classes in this series fill out the form at: