Carpool to the Permaculture Weekend

Permaculture design skills enable us to learn from nature to design regenerative solutions to today’s challenges.

Carbon emissions are a huge challenge facing humanity, and FLPCI invites everyone coming to the Permaculture Weekend to design your travels to minimize the amount of carbon you burn. Equally cool, when you practice the “integrate rather than segregate” principle, you’ll get to know other cool people!

Here’s how FLPCI aims to support your efforts to ride together:

Pre-Selected Routes:

Here are some suggested routes that can make it easy for you to minimize driving and maximize interacting.


If you are touring sites in Ithaca, use pedal power and try out our cool LimeBikes

Organize your own rides via our Facebook page

Post your route and seats available on the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute Facebook page.

Carpooling Software:

Click here to post your route and look for rides. Here’s a brief tutorial that shows you how to do this.


Thanks for making this the best carpooling year ever for the Permaculture Weekend!